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The CMRF was created in recognition of some troubling realities about the long-labeled “war on cancer.”

Despite trillions of dollars invested over the past 50+ years into cancer research, cancer remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Although we can now prevent a small fraction of cancers, such as HPV-caused cervical cancer and hepatitis B-caused liver cancer with vaccines, we don’t know how to prevent the formation of most cancers, nor do we know how to keep them from spreading to other parts of the body – the deadly process we know as metastasis.
Cancers today are widely believed to occur as the result of mutated genes and the body’s inability to stop the aberrant cell growth, leading to cancer’s rampant invasion of other cells and potential spread. Thus far, only some 5%-8% of all solid cancers have been shown to have a genetic origin. An additional 10% are known to be caused by viruses, but the remaining 80+% are termed “sporadic” which simply means we do not know what causes these cancers. How can we treat these cancers if we do not know what causes them?

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